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Bis zum NEUntEN MAI 2018.


folgende EMail kam als unzustellbar zurück, die von  gmail haben denen das Konto gesperrt:

Subject: Re: Read and Reply
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 22:09:45 +0100
From: Webmaster Maximilian Baehring
Reply-To: webmaster@zentral-bank.eu
Organization: Max Baehring?s priv. zentral-bank.eu anon. transparent proxy
To: Central Bank

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On 10.11.2016 21:49, Central Bank wrote:
> DIRECT LINE 234-80838-35935
> A team of Auditors set up by the Presidency, Foreign Contract
> Payment commission has discovered an outstanding payment
> due to you by one of the banks here and has reported it to our
> bank for immediate action.
> Our bank has called for reasons for non-payment and was
> informed that you were unable to pay the statutory charges,
> and that there are counter
> claims on this same money.
> Presently there are two different interest groups known to be
> lobbying for the payment of this money into two different
> accounts and we do not know which of these groups is truly
> representing you. You are therefore required to confirm to
> u s in reply to this mail which of the groups is your true
> representative, if any.
> You are also advised to be wary of anybody that promises to
> help you get your money. You do not need any special
> assistance to receive your money, especially now that the
> Presidency has restated her resolve to adhere
> strictly to the mode of payment stipulated in the Anti Corruption
> Bill (ACB).
> There will be no incredible and unofficial methods of payment in
> this case. The system of settling debts in Nigeria is the same as
> in your country and anywhere in the world. We oblige you to
> suspend any legal action you have considered taking against
> the bank or individual/s or the Government of Nigeria because of
> the delay. Answering the following questions will help our bank to
> facilitate your payment:
> 1. What problem are you having in receiving your money?
> 2. Do you owe any Bank, company, persons, or group of
> persons in Nigeria.Henceforth, get clarification ion from the
> undermentioned officer before contacting any other office or
> person in this matter.
> Note that your local representative/s may not be welcomed by
> our bank to avoid further complications.
> While thanking you for your endurance till now, we promise to
> fulfill ourpart as early answer get your respond to this letter and
> also take the right steps.
> Yours truly,
> Mr. Godwin Emefiele
> For the Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

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