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Maximilian Bähring
Hölderlinstraße 4
D-60316 Frankfurt a.M.
Mobil: +49 (0)176 65605075 o(de)r +49 (0)174 3639226
Fax:    +49 (0)69 67831634
EMail: maximilian@baehring.at


the legitimate holder of the
(MSD - http://www.msd.net)
ripe ncc network resources

Maximilian Bähring  Hölderlinstraße 4 D-60316 Frankfurt a.M.

per Fax: +49 / (0)69 / 1344-6000 , (or -5102, -7791, -6934)

European Central Bank
- IT Department (BGP4/IP-Internet Peerings) -
Attn: Winfried Boehm, Noel McFadden, Paer Dickmann, Hansjakob Schlaich, Mirko Luzaic Kaiserstrasse 27
D-60311 Frankfurt a.M.

Frankfurt a.M., den 09. September 2014

Peering with Baehring / real neighbor as BGP4 neighbor (AS31614 wieth

Dear Colleagues, dear Mr. Boehm, dear Mr. McFadden, dear Mr. Dickmann, dear Mr. Schlaich, der mr. Luzaic,

in the ?new economy? era me and my business partners spent a lot of (good old deutschmarks ;o) in establishing a redundant routing platform for our network, msd.net whose office was locally based in Bad Homburg v.d. H., about 10-15  km north from Frankfurt a.M.). We, msd management solutions development ltd., an outsourced IT-Department mainly provided an extranet solution for the human resources consultancy-industry serving customers in about 30 countries worldwide, from Canada to Australia, also served companies in the public sector (Cities of Frankfurt a.M., Bad Homburg v.d.H.), advocates, hospitals and asset management companies from the financial industry. Technically we used Linux floppy routers with leaf bearing software/gnu zebra to ?speak? BGP with UUnet, Global Access Telecom, HighwayOne and the local wireless uplink True Global Communications.

In 2000 me and the mother of my daughter ? who started to engaged herself in a pseudo-medicine religious sect (?Reiki?) which I did not wanted to influence my child ? split up (I have not seen my child for 14 years now) and one of the consequences out of the trials at courts, was that because of the defamatory statements she faxed to my office, which I shared with my biggest client and business partner [outsourced it-department], up to I should see a drug-abuse psychiatrist ? although there is evidence that I never took drugs - made it to risky for them to continue investing their hard owned money in my company. Nobody buys mission critical networks from someone who is said of to take drugs especially not in a small town like Bad Homburg v.d.h where gossip spreads extremely fast.  Since 2007 when I move to Frankfurt a.M. in the direct neighborhood to your new premises I am now living from social welfare, I try to get financial compensations.
In my free time I maintain a own linux distribution optimized for routing and server-services operation. In 2010  I have been target of massive hacker attacks (mainly VoIP) which possibly has to do with the domain name ?central.banktunnel.eu? for my vpns, I tell you this because this might be of interest for you.

End of  June 2014 RIPE NCC, the Institution which manages the european IPv4-Address-Space temporarily deregisteresd our (msd.net) lifetime owned PI-Address-Space because it is no longer advertised to any peer. I sent them a complaint about this and they asked me to find peers which the AS21158 and the IPv4-PI Address Network is advertised to. If I do not advertise the network ripe will deregister it in October 2014, that?s the period of grace they gave me, the IP-Addresse will be lost. I just signed a contract with rh-tec (AS25560) for the first uplink, but I need a second one.

From my appartement I see your building (less than 300m distance) and I have experience with establishing wireless links, in Bad Homburg the license free 5GHz 802.11a band is used by TGNet to provide Internet.

Now to the question: Do you see any possibility to help your new neighbor with a BGP4 private peering for your AS31614 with y AS21158 so I do not loose the 512 Provider Independent Adressess? Please keep in mind that you really have tons of money and I need to finance this out of my monthly social-welfare budget!

Thank you for your answer in advance, best regards from you new neighborhood.

(Maximilian Bähring)

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Woher kenne ich den Namen SEITZ nur? Gab es da nicht mal eine Ricarda
Seitz die zu dämlich war Blut abzunehmen aber angeblich Ärztin sein wollte. Ricarda Seitz, nicht Anna.


Wenn dem so ist dann ist die zu blöd ihren eigenen Vornamen zu schreiben.

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09.09.2014 07:16

The NAZIS in german government , police and jurisdiction are imprisoning people which do not want their children to be christianized. To enable women to completely get the fathers of the children out of the relationship to their children after relationships end they try to imprison or even kill them to allow the women to lie about the real children fathers.

09.09.2014 10:29

Wenn ich die hälfte der Zeit die das Kind seinen Aufenthalt bei mir hat es ernähre kleide und ihm ein beheeiztes Dach über dem Kopf verschaffe,  wozu soll ich dann der Mutter ihre Hälfte der Zeit mit dem Kind finanzireen?



?Sorgerecht ist nicht so wichtig.?Alle Kinder die mit Sandra Maischberger verwandt sind werden mal aus religiösen Motiven heraus beschnitten an ihren Genitalien verstümmelt gegen den Willen ihrer Eltern und dann Sekten einverleibt udn verschinde mal für 10 Jahre. Dann werden wir ja mal sehen wie unwichtig das Sorgerecht ist.Unterhalt zahlt man demjenigen Elternteil bei dem das Kind lebt als Schadenersatz für Verdiensaufsall weil der wenn er die Kidner betreut nicht gleichzeitig voll arbeiten gehen kann, um aber bestimmen zu könne bei wem das Kind lebt dafür braucht man das Aufentahltsbestimmungrecht, Teil des Sorgerchtes.

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